Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing Research Group

Due to recent advances in electronics industry, the daily usage devices can be smart enough to self-organize into a network and can autonomously send useful information to the interested users or applications. For instance, all inter-connected thermostats of a house can coordinate to reduce the electricity consumption. Similarly, for emergency events such as fire or basement flooding, smart sensors can send emails to a list of emergency contact numbers, without any assistance from a security company. These smart sensors are used for various applications such as military, security, building automation, agriculture, as well as environmental and habitat monitoring.

The main challenge in deployment and usage of these smart sensors is the battery consumption, which can be reduced by minimizing the number of transmissions. I am interested in developing energy-efficient intelligent techniques for these smart sensor applications. More specifically, for easy and cost-effective maintenance of these smart sensor applications, I am developing middleware framework that incorporates cross-layer optimization strategies for application, database, and network layers.

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Team Members


  • Dr. Sajid Hussain, Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • Dr. Lei Qian, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

BSc Students

  • Alok Hota
  • Annie Taylor
  • Anwar Townsend
  • Curtis Fields
  • Jasmine Williams
  • Maxwell Tsatsu
  • Willsharo Scott

Graduate Students

  • Musfiq Rahman (PhD, Dalhousie)
  • Ashif Yousuf (MSc, Acadia)
  • Yifei Jian (MSc, Acadia)


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