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This course teaches commonly used methods of statistical analysis, sampling, error in sampling and charting used in business presentations.

Introduction to Computer Organizaiton

Formal models of computation such as finite state automata, pushdown automata, and Turing machines will be studied, along with the corresponding elements of formal languages (including regular expressions, context-free languages, and recursively enumerable languages). These models will provide a mathematical basis for the study of complexity classes, computability, and undecidability.

Biomathematics 2

The course introduces the student to computers and computer-based information systems. Basic computer concepts are briefly overviewed. Business information systems, including, user computing, data communications, and data bases are surveyed. The course includes hands-on lab instruction in the use of word processing, spreadsheet, and business presentations software.

This course reviews commonly used algebra, trigonometry, and calculus functions applied in computer science and business courses. Courses for which this class is useful will include economics, statistics, and quantitative financial analysis.

An introduction to the Bridge Program, your mentors, expectations, and skills for success

Fisk Biology Journal Club

Upper-level undergraduate and graduate course in Developmental Biology

Online training modules for student research scholars

Independent Study Course in Biotechnology and Molecular and Cell Biology